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Postby Jimmy Aw (Posts: 833) » Wed Apr 13, 2005 10:14 pm

Mono Eye Thorax Dragon


Submitted By: Jimmy Aw
Fly Type: Nymphs,
Target Species: ,
Region Fished: Other,
Imitation: Dragonflies,

Materials Used
Hook : Gamakatsu, C12 Size 12
Thread : Danville Spider wire, Ultra Fine
Lower Body : Peacock herl, from a twisted bunch of 3-4 fibres. 10lb Mono line to form thicker body before tying the Peacock herl on surface.
Upper Body : Peacock herl, from the same twisted bunch of 3-4 fibres. 4-5 coils of Fine Lead Wire.
Thorax : Pleasant Tail Feather
Legs : Fibres of Partridge feathers
Eyes : Burnt Mono Eyes (50lb mono)
Head : Same pleasant feather as thorax.

Tying Instructions
1) Prepare Burn Mono Eyes. Use candle/lighter to burn both ends of 50lb mono line to form the eyes.
2) Tie approximately ¾ length thread bedding on the hook shank starting with the hook eye. Also include 7 to 8 rounds of lead wire around the front, secure the lead wire coils. Then tie down mono eyes. Tie in a monofilament body to form the bulk of the bigger lower body profile of the dragonfly nymph.
3) Tie down 2-3 strands of Peacock herl fibres & twists to form a herl core. Wrap the herl around the mono body on hook shank until desired length.
5) Tie down a fold of pleasant feathers.
6) Continue the dubbing process of wrapping the herl around the lead coil till mono eyes.
7) Tie Pleasant feathers on the other end to form the thorax now. Tie down the pleasant feathers another wrap to form the head.
Tie in patridge feather fibres.
9) Finish the securing at the hook eye with super glue.

Presentation Tips
This fly was tied as a close cousin to the "Mono Eye Thorax Damselfly Nymph". This fly's sinking rate can be adjusted by the amount of lead coil it holds on the front of the hook shank. Work this fly slow and steady with tiny twitches at times. Usually if the fly takes a slow drift from the current or slight wind, you will find that this fly would be quite productive with much ease.

At attached are some of my personal catch results from this creation! :wink:

Here's 1st Carp caught with the 1st prototype of my dragonfly nymph! Scored this during our Fishingkaki Fly competition - 2004! :wink:

Another view of this 1st fatty! Success to this pattern! :wink:

An evening Carp with the nymph.

Another hungry fellow on my dragon - swallowed deep... :D

This is one EXTREMELY rare catch on nymph! One of the finest catch that this nymph has claimed - Keli on the nymph! :D

Here's another evening scored fellow!

Another view of the fatty! :wink:

This IS ONE MIND BLOWER - a est. 5 -6 lb PACU caught on the nymph on a Zero Wt Set! Sure of the sizzling runs taken by the fish as the line jet ski off!

Here's a black louhan on the nymph.

Another good tussle with a louhan on the nymph.

This is a surprise catch on foul hooked it on the flipper with the nymph when it goes twitching on the fly line while I was doing nymphing - Pig Faced Turtle! :D

A score of a hybrid Blood Parrot! :wink: