Urgently look 2 kaki to Banda aceh 29/9-5/10
Let photo speak
Fishing CR
Put An End to Vertical Video Syndrome For Fishing Videos
June trip looking for Kaki
Toman Hunting
☆ 2016 - Custom Rods Done ☆
Club Jigger - inviting kakis who like jigging and sf to join the group
Kranji Reservoir Peacock Bass
PILOT111 Barramundi lure fishing @Thailand
14k VS 18k 2013 Stella
Changi trip (Ah Hui boat)
SOuthern island Tomorrow 29 May 8am.... 3 more kakis needed.
OJ Tackle
FISHING_darren's luring journal
Uncle Dave PPCDL Boat Handling & Testimonials
Uncle Dave - Booking Details & Photos
Uncle Dave Safety Boat - Water Survey - Self-Drive
[PRICE UPDATE]GIANT Barramundi lure fishing around Bangkok/Thailand.
Scent Attractant?
Classifieds 2016 Official Feature Request & Frustration Thread
Rompin 12-14 July
28th May Southern Day Trip (3kakis needed)
Looking for kaki
2 fishing khakis .
May 15 Southern sea
Hi kaki coming 12 June slots available
New Operator for Changi Offshore Trip: Seaowl
June 17 - 19 Sedili Ah-Mong's Boat
Jigs (shape, color, weight) for rompin's ebek
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